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Marinated Olives

Where my passion for olive oils and vinegars all began…


My love for cooking and making new foods has gotten me to try so many new things that many have not experienced yet. Going to the West Point Market in Akron with my family was something that made me so much more interested in olive oil and vinegars. These two special ingredients have always been a big part of my cooking routine and being able to test them and knowing exactly what I am going to be adding to my creations. I started getting more interested in this process by traveling to places like San Francisco, Canada, and a couple olive oil and vinegar stores close to home. By doing this I had found a strong passion for doing something like this on my own. I was interested in buying a locally run olive oil and vinegar store that was being sold by its owners who were planning to retire. I was devastated when the deal did not go through and they chose a different buyer. I decided to go down my own path and do some more research. I had help from another locally run store that was closing due to the pandemic. She had shared her business knowledge and provided some inspiration that I can do this on my own. I had finally found the perfect location at Merchant Square in Fairlawn. With help from another one of my good friends, she had made this possible for me. I never would have expected to be now selling these products instead of going in a store and tasting them for myself but this is truly my dream and passion and I am very excited to share my dream with everyone else!

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